I shot 6 hours of video and edited it down to two separate programs. The first program is a 2 hour travelogue (which is too big to be included on this webpage). The second program, titled Antarctic Adventure, is a 23 minute compilation of short clips set to music - MTV style. You can watch this program through individual clips through the links below (the shortest is less than a minute and the longest is around 3 minutes long). The files range in size from 800k to 7mb, so they will be difficult to view unless you have a high-speed internet connection. I recommend downloading the files to your computer before playing (via a right-click), but please respect the video copyright! The videos require a Quicktime viewer, which most browsers now have pre-installed. If you cannot view the files, the Apple website provides free downloads. Enjoy!

Please note, video clips take a long time (several minutes) to download.
1:04 1:24 2:46
1:09 1:05 0:48
0:45 0:49
1:25 1:23
0:20 23:01 0:21
0:26 1:41
0:58 1:33
1:28 1:06
0:44 2:39
0:19 2:51
Click here if you are interested in the video/editing tools used to produce this program.