Q: How come some of the web pages do not fit in my browser window?
The web pages were designed to be best viewed at 1280 x 1024 (width x height) screen resolution. I chose this high resolution because our computer can display it well and I wanted to make the pictures as big as I could for us - how selfish of me! If you can set your screen to 1280 x 1024, do so and "maximize" your browser window and all the pages should fit ok. If your screen is limited to a smaller resolution, I apologize that you will have to scroll around a bit when viewing these pages and hope that does not detract from your enjoyment!
Q: On the Pix Vault page, what happened to Rolls 6, 42 and 46?
We are not quite sure. Debbie numbers each roll out in the field as she is shooting and keeps track of the subject(s) on each roll (sometimes down to each shot). She also juggles multiple camera bodies and often has 2 or 3 rolls going simultaneously so probably just lost track of roll numbers. Whatever the reason, we're sure these rolls are not "missing" since there are no gaps in continuity. Debbie simply attributes it to us getting older and more forgetful. In fact when I first asked her about the missing roles from the Antarctica trip, she replied with "What Antarctica trip?". Whatever the reason, you cannot blame us for losing track with all that was going on around us!
Q: When I play some of the video clips using Real Player, sometimes the end seems to get "cut off". Why is that?
I have seen this happen also. I do not know why Real Player seems to lose the last couple of seconds. To account for this, I put a couple of extra seconds of black on the end of each of the video clips so you do not notice the problem as much. I have not had any trouble with Windows Media Player, just Real Player. Hmmm...
Q: How did you make those Artsy and Panorama pictures in the Pix Vault?
For the Artsy pictures: My video camera has several still photo shooting modes. One is called "Art" which gives you that cartoony look and another is called "Sepia" which gives you that old time photo look. In hindsight, I should have just taken regular pictures the whole trip and then used an image processing program to convert the photos when I got home. It's easy with many paint programs to go from a normal photo to an "Art" or "Sepia" version but impossible to go the other way. There are several "Art" photos I took which I wish I had regular versions of! For the Panoramas, I used Paint Shop Pro to "stitch" individual shots together. There are programs available that make this process a lot easier but I did not use one of them.
Q: How do I navigate around the Pix Vault pages?
It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it... There are three sections on the Pix Vault page (left, middle and right). The left section lists all the rolls (or batches for digital pix) of pictures that are available. The middle section shows a thumbnail view of each picture in the current roll and has "next roll" and "prev roll" arrow buttons to move through the rolls. The right section shows the current picture in the current roll and has "next picture" and "prev picture" arrow buttons to move through the pictures in that roll.

To go directly to a specific roll, click on the roll number you want in the left section. Note that if you hold the mouse over a roll number in the left section, a little pop up window should appear that tells you what subject is on that roll. This makes finding pictures a lot easier. To go through the rolls one by one, you can also use the "next roll" and "prev roll" buttons in the middle section.

Once you are viewing the roll you want, you can see other pictures in that roll in two ways. To go directly to a specific picture, click on the thumbnail of the picture you want in the middle section. Note that if you hold the mouse over a thumbnail in the middle section, the pop up window should appear to show you the file name of that picture. This gives you no clue as to the subject of the picture (you should be able to tell from the thumbnail anyway) but may be helpful if you want to find one of the pictures on the CDROM to make a copy or print. To go through the pictures on a roll one by one, you can also use the "next picture" and "prev picture" buttons in the right section. Happy picture hunting!

Q: On the Sounds page, when I click on a link, the sound does not play automatically. Why?
When you click on a sound link on the left hand side of the Sounds page, that sound is supposed to play as the corresponding photo is being displayed on the right side of the page. I am using the HTML elements EMBED and BGSOUND to do this. Some web browsers do not support these tags and will ignore them. If your browser does not play the sound as the photo is being displayed (or if you want to hear the sound again) click on the photo after it is displayed. There is a conventional link to the sound file on the photo that should play on all browsers.