Together, Debbie and I took over 2200 photos on the trip. I took approximately 400 digital photos using my video camera and Debbie shot over 1800 35mm prints on nearly 60 rolls of film. Just thinking about choosing from all these images to make a slide show was overwhelming. So instead of combing over all our photographs, we narrowed the field by only considering the digital pictures for inclusion in the slide show. Plus I was so anxious to start working on it after returning from the trip, I did not want to wait for Debbie's film to be returned from the lab. I could access the digital pictures immediately from the camera so I got to work!

It was tempting to throw in every picture but we managed to pick a subset that highlighted our trip. In retrospect, I probably should have waited for Debbie's shots to get back from the lab because I think they came out lovely and would have enhanced the slide show very much. On the other hand, there turned out to be so many fantastic shots on her rolls, that we may have gone mad choosing just 100 or so to use.

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