I used the Canon Elura MC2 Mini-DV video camera. Besides digital video, it can also take still photographs at 640x480 pixel resolution on tape or on a "memory card". I was too lazy to carry a tripod. For 35mm photography, Debbie used her Canon EOS 3 primarily. Her backup camera was the Canon EOS A2. She used Kodak print film, ASA 100 and 200. We also ordered photo disks when we developed her film so we got digital copies of her shots as well. Although she brought several lenses, the ones she used the most were the 28-70mm f2.8 and the 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 with image stabilizer. She did carry and use a tripod (which is evident in the quality of her shots!)
We produced this webpage (including the video, graphics images and web pages) on our personal computer, a DELL Inspiron 8000 notebook. It has a built-in IEEE 1394 (firewire) connection, a 700MHz PIII processor, 512MB RAM and a 32GB hard drive. This proved to be plenty of juice for all our production needs. We also have an Iomega Predator external CD-RW drive with both USB and firewire connections, which was used to burn this in its original form as a CDROM. The CD-RW drive came with CD-Write software, Easy CD Creator by Adaptec.
I used the Studio DV digital video editing program from Pinnacle Systems to edit and create the video programs. It cost about $100 and comes with IEEE 1394 (firewire) hardware to connect directly to the video camera. Since our computer has this connection built in, we did not have to install this additional hardware. This program was very easy to learn and use. It does not do a lot of fancy image processing, but it did the job for me.
I used Coffee Cup HTML editor to create and manage all these web pages, U-Lead Photo Explorer to create the slide show, Paint Shop Pro from Jasc Software to create all the graphics on these web pages and CD Stomper to make the CD label and insert.